Eliminating the need
for reading glasses

For people with presbyopia

the need for reading glasses

For people with presbyopia

Orasis Pharmaceuticals is developing a corrective eye drop to treat presbyopia as an alternative to reading glasses

what is presbyopia

Presbyopia, the inability to focus on close objects, is common after age 40 and affects more then 1.8 billion people worldwide. Current treatment options are either cumbersome or invasive, presenting a significant unmet need for quality of life improvement for people with presbyopia.

our solution

CSF-1 is an eye drop currently in clinical development to treat presbyopia.
Delivered as a topical solution directly to the eyes, CSF-1 contains a proprietary combination of existing and well-known components with the potential to restore vision in people with presbyopia.

company updates

Apr 8 2019

CEO Elad Kedar Discusses Our Ongoing Phase 2b Clinical Study of CSF-1 and the Eye Drop’s Treatment Effect with Healio

Mar 27 2019

Orasis Announces Initiation of Phase 2b Clinical Study of CSF-1 for the Treatment of Presbyopia

Dec 6 2018

Elad Kedar Featured on the Empowered Patient Podcast

Nov 27 2018

Orasis Announces Appointments of Richard L. Lindstrom, Eric D. Donnenfeld, and John Berdahl to its Scientific Advisory Board

Oct 22 2018

Orasis Announces the Appointment of Jeffry Weinhuff as Chairman of the Board of Directors

June 8 2018

Orasis Completes Financing for Development of Drop to Treat Presbyopia

June 6 2018

Orasis Raises $13 Million to Replace Reading Glasses with Eye Drops

June 6 2018

Farsighted Treatment Co Orasis Pharmaceuticals Raises $13M

June 5 2018

Orasis Pharmaceuticals Closes $13M Series B Financing